NOLA Green Roots sign up P J Coffee to the Compost Program

NOLA Green Roots is please to announce that we have just acquired P J’s Coffee as a composting part. NOLA Green Roots will start sometime next week picking up from several P J’ s Coffee shop location. This partnership not only given our city a good image, but also tell our citizens that we really care about holding on to our natural resources.

Let keep the movement going, it you know of another restaurants or school looking to save their natural resource have them give us a call at 504-251-9818.

NOLA Green Roots sign up Liberty Kitchen to the Compost Program!

Liberty Kitchen sign up to do composting with NOLA Green Roots. This is really big step in the right direction  for restaurants as a whole to take, however Liberty Kitchen being a non-profit its a really big step and says a lot about the organization. We encourage everyone that read this article and eat at Liberty Kitchen to Thank them for make such a big step in the right direction, to safe our natural resources.

The Dirt

NOLA Green Roots’ compost program saves landfill waste and turns restaurant and household trash into rich fertilizer

Gambit has kept you apprised of just how busy Joseph Brock has been the past couple of years. When we first met Brock in 2010, he was laying soil at his first large-scale community garden, the Wise Words Community Garden near Tulane and Carrollton avenues. Over the last two years, he’s orchestrated urban renewal campaigns by building more community gardens and making his customers understand how easy, affordable and accessible fresh food can be. Now he’s giving them the dirt — literally, with a composting program he says is the city’s best.

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NOLA Green Roots Specialty Store Opens January 3, 2012! Nuestra Tienda Abrirá el 3 de Enero de 2012!

Have you tried our unique Tarragon Cooking Oil, or our homemade Persimmon Jam? Have you been looking for a good place to pick up compost, composting tools, or seedlings for your garden? The NOLA Green Roots Specialty Store will open on January 3rd at our main office (3101 Tulane Ave). The store’s products will support the full sustainability cycle of locally grown food. For example, you can buy hibiscus seeds to plant, dried hibiscus leaves to use for tea, or delicious hibiscus juice bottled and chilled. Other products available will include rain barrels, NOLA Green Roots apparel, and our new locally grown mushrooms and at-home mushroom kits for growing your own mushrooms!

You can also buy tools for maintaining your own composting, or buy an 18 pound box of NOLA Green Roots compost. Composting keeps waste out of landfills, and encourages the production of beneficial micro-organisms in soil. These micro-organisms increase the soil’s nutrient content and its ability to retain moisture. Composting can suppress plant diseases and pests, reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizer, and increase the production of your garden.

NOLA Green Roots members will periodically receive coupons in their baskets offering discounts on store products. There will also be a soft opening for our members and long time supporters on December 30th. This will be a casual party with free wine, drinks, other refreshments and music to kick off the store. If you would like to receive an invitation to this opening, please send an e-mail to Space is limited and invitations will be extended on a first-come, first-serve basis, so let us know quickly if you are interested.

Agricultores hispanoparlantes:

Si ud. quiere una invitación a la inauguración de nuestra tienda, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a

Pizzicare’s Community Support is Upper Crust

“The restaurateurs have always sourced local produce, but for Pizzicare they didn’t have to look more than 50 feet, where NOLA Green Roots – which manages three community gardens – has its Mid-City lot. The pizzeria and garden are neighbors on upper Tulane Avenue (a new apartment building across the street, as well as the coming VA/LSU medical campus, will hurry along its coming revival). Whatever NOLA Green Roots delivers in its weekly baskets – basil, peppers, garlic – ends up in Pizzicare’s signature NOLA Roots Garden pie.”

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Coming Soon: Our Kids Village

4235 Tulane Avenue New Orleans
LA 70119 504.251.9818

NOLA Green Roots has a new project underway. We are building the first community garden in the city focused on kids in pre-school to 5th grade. Activities will include training sessions on how to plant properly and raise farm animals responsibly. In addition, the kids will learn about the science of soil and play games to re-enforce the knowledge including earthworm games.

Find out how you can help make this project a success

NOLA Green Roots featured in Gambit

Photo by Cheryl Gerber

“People say, ‘You can’t feed a whole neighborhood off a little backyard farm,’ and that’s true,” Brock says. “But with a network of community gardens you can supplement people’s diets with healthy food, so they’re eating healthier than they were the day before and they have a better understanding of where this food comes from because they’re a part of it.”

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NOLA Green Roots Happy Hour

November 17, 2011
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Ralph’s on the Park at the Bar Area

Join NOLA Green Roots for a special happy hour on Thursday, November 17, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at Ralph’s on Park. Mingle with other members, volunteers and supporters of NOLA Green Roots, learn about our 2012 programs, and of course, enjoy great food and drinks in a beautiful atmosphere across from City Park (900 City Park Avenue).

Owner Ralph Brennan and his team have whipped up a fabulous drink special and menu item featuring fresh herbs and other produce from our network of community gardens. It’s available for the entire month of November—and it’s a great way to show your holiday guests a good time while supporting your favorite nonprofit. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support our efforts to build sustainable communities through gardening! Visit the following links for details and pricing:

Ralph’s on the Park is a long-time participant in our Compost Service, which was featured in the October 14 issue of the Times-Picayune. Read about the other great work we’re doing on our blog or donate directly by visiting

Holiday Gift Ideas

Feed a family in need for the holidays. NOLA Green Roots now has gift certificates for sale. This gift certificate entitles the bearer to one calendar month of stakeholder membership in NOLA Green Roots. Membership includes free admission to our garden training workshops and two baskets loaded with fresh, locally and naturally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, free-range eggs, and specialty oils and/or sauces. Our membership is regularly priced at $45 a month, but the value of products and services is $150 or higher.

Certificates and prices are as follows:

1 Month – $45.00
3 Months – $135.00
6 months – $270.00
1 year – $540.00