Volunteers test soil at Wise Words Community Garden


Currently, NOLA Green Roots maintains a small garden at our headquarters that is used primarily to train New Orleans residents on how to grow fruits and vegetables sustainably.

Each year, NOLA Green Roots facilitates training for hundreds of New Orleans residents. By developing community gardens, we teach youth, low-income residents, and senior citizens how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost. Volunteers learn how to seed, plant, and grow. One of our fundamental on-site lessons is the effect of climate change on food security. Climate change is expected to cause a global decline in agricultural output, making fresh produce increasingly unaffordable.

During our gardening sessions, we also teach the importance of our community’s food security system – a system which allows our residents to grow their own food or donate what they have grown to others. Experienced gardeners teach residents how locally grown food decreases our community’s reliance on fossil fuels for transport of food from large agricultural areas. Other gardeners teach residents how to improve health through increased fresh vegetable consumption and exercise.

NOLA Green Roots can also help you maintain your personal garden. Through our partnership with The Composting Network, we can supply you with the best locally grown soil and compost in Louisiana. We can also test your soil and help you develop a plan to ensure your plants stay healthy all year round.

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