Compost Service

The Composting Network

NOLA Green Roots advances its mission through garden-based businesses such as The Composting Network. NGR, in partnership with area restaurants, collects food waste generated in their commercial kitchens.  Scraps such as vegetable peels, fruit tops and cores, coffee grounds and other organic materials have great value in the production of compost.  These food  by-products when mixed together are the ingredients for a rich soil that provides much-needed nutrition to the fresh, pesticide-fee fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices and mushrooms that are grown in NOLA Green Roots community gardens.

Participating businesses and restaurants receive recognition for their contribution on signage at NOLA Green Roots gardens and on our website. The Composting Network participants are also invited to display their network involvement within retail outlets.

Make a Difference Today!

For a fee of $75, we will provide you with a designated compost receptacle. For a small monthly fee, NGR will pick up the material weekly depending on the plan you choose. Our plans accommodate restaurants of all types and sizes. We offer 5-Day, 3-Day, and 1-Day Per Week pickup plans. You can also customize your solution. NGR will provide you with monthly statements indicating the amount of waste collected each month.

Composting provides a “win-win” for New Orleans citizens, businesses and the environment. Using NOLA Green Roots products and services can also help your restaurant obtain a better rating with the Green Restaurant Association.

Click here to become a commercial compost partner.

NOLA Green Roots is now a proud member of the US Composting Council.